Custom Cables

Custom Cables

The perception of a custom cable means many things to different people. It could simply mean that an alternative jacket material or possibly that a different colour or conductor colours are required. It could also mean that you have a requirement for a highly complex solution where a cable with very specific materials and configurations are required. We want to dispel the myth that a custom cable generally equals high cost and long delivery dates. Whether your looking for a simple material alternative, an LSZH version of an existing cable type for example, alternative core colours to an existing cable type or require a complete design from first principles then we have a solution for you.

All products are solely manufactured in the UK to the highest level of quality, with a key focus on speed of response and service. We use only high quality base materials so there is no compromise on the product that you will receive. In some cases, we may recommend alternative options with a focus on cost effectiveness and it is this proactive and responsive approach that means we build long standing valuable relationships with our customers.

What is a Custom Cable?

Custom cables are used wherever an off the shelf solution or industry standard cable type simply won’t suffice. They are manufactured with a specific application in mind, utilising unique components and designs to fulfil the demands of an operating environment.

CDC have over 20 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying custom cables to a vast range of industry sectors where an off the shelf solution simply will not suffice. Unique combinations of data, power and video type hybrid cables can be specified. These products can be designed either from first principles or using existing off the shelf products allowing you to select varying material configurations alongside solid technical advice. You can determine the appropriate level of screening that is required on either individual elements or around the cable as a whole. You can also specify the outer jacket working environment and select a material type that is appropriate both from an operating temperature and mechanical characteristics point of view. We are here to advise on what options are available to you which makes the process as easy, efficient and cost effective as possible.

We are unrivalled in both service and quality and we are one of the UK’s leading custom cable manufacturers.

Key services

  • Any custom cable requirement is welcomed, in small and large production runs – No MOQ
  • Short lead times apply – Generally – 7 – 10 days from receipt of enquiry including initial consultation and discussions subject to material availability
  • An extensive range of manufacturing capability, based on years of experience
  • Twisted pairs, triples, quads, bunches up to 180 individual cores twisted in varying configurations
  • Various cable shielding options such as serve shields/lapped screens or braided shields – from single conductor to individual elements within the cable to overall cable shields in Plain or Tinned Copper, Oxygen free Copper or Silver plated Copper
  • Various cable taping capability in the form of Aluminium foil screens with drain strands, Polyester Melinex tapes, Lantor paper tapes, Fire resistant Mica Tapes or Water blocking tapes
  • Vast cable oversheathing stock portfolio – multiple grades of: PP, PE, PVC, PUR/TPU, Hytrel/TPE, Santoprene/TPV, LSOH/LSZH/LSF, Nylon PA12, PA/11, XLPO
  • Full trace ability and supporting documentation of all the components we use
  • ISO 9001:2015 – Certified
  • High quality and cost-effective custom made cables for a wide range of applications

View our approach to cable manufacturing

Our cable design process begins with an in-depth conversation with the customer to determine their requirements, the application the cable will be used for, and the operating environment. Our expert team then begin designing the ideal solution for your technical requirements, sourcing high-quality materials selected specifically for your cable and always working to source cost effective solutions.

All of the custom cables we manufacture are different; for the most part, however we build cables using Class 5 flexible Plain, Tinned or Silver plated Copper, insulated in appropriate grades of PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, or PTFE – all to international UL or BS British standards.

We then twist the conductors within the cable applying the correct number of twists dependent upon whether the cable will be installed in a fixed location or working in a dynamic environment where torsional stresses are apparent. The cables are processed using either our high speed double twist machines or large planetary lay-up machines where the product is continually monitored and constant quality checks are performed. All product information is recorded.

Then, cable screening is applied if necessary – if not, the cable is fast tracked to the cable extrusion process where the final outer jacket is applied. The cable is then wound onto the dispatch reels where it is subjected to a strenuous quality assured testing procedure to confirm it’s conformity to the specification outlined.

Finally, the cable is shipped to the customer on the specified delivery date with all of the accompanying documentation.

Call CDC on 01204 658 784 or contact us online to discuss your cabling requirements.