Cable Design

CDC’s cable specialists have designed cables for a diverse range of applications across many industries.

To date, we’ve drawn up the designs for over 5000 custom cables and retractable cables – when it comes to cable design, rest assured that we are high quality efficient cable manufacturer with years of varied experience.

cable design

Key benefits

  • FREE consultation and advice
  • Full adherence to cable industry standards and initiatives
  • Access to a comprehensive material and component library
  • Cost-effective and high quality designs guaranteed

The design of a cable is determined by 3 key aspects: the application of the cable, the operating environment, and the performance requirements.

The design process considers the geometry and specifications for the construction of the cable, both of which play a major part in the final performance.

Diverse applications

Cables are used for many purposes, including data transmission, instrumentation and supplying electrical power.

Our experienced team have worked across many industries, designing cables for an array of different applications, including:

  • Data cables
  • Power cables
  • Instrumentation cables
  • Composite cables combining data, power, video and audio

No matter what your requirements, we can design, manufacture and deliver.

Operating environments

The performance of a cable can be affected by the environment in which it operates, with risks including abrasion, water damage and extreme temperatures.

Our designers take into account all of the potential hazards in your operating environment to offer full protection, including resistance against mechanical damage, chemicals, water, oil, pests and extreme temperatures.

We’ve designed cables for a vast array of operating environments, from medical and aviation applications to military and offshore usage with great success which is how we develop long term lasting relationships with our customers.

Performance requirements

A cable’s performance is dependent on a lack of electrical resistance and protection against factors such as electromagnetic interference.

We consider every single element that could potentially affect your cable and select the appropriate materials to protect against these risks.

Our main considerations when optimising a cable are resistance, capacitance, inductance and impedance; we will provide advice on each of these areas, detailing exactly how our design will improve the overall performance of your cable.

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