Prototype Cables

With a product as complex as a custom cable, it’s understandable that clients want to prototype and test an idea before committing to a full production run. So how can CDC help with a prototype cable?


We offer a comprehensive prototyping service at CDC. With no minimum order quantity, we can produce cable prototypes to help you fully test and evaluate the suitability of the cable within your application.

Our prototyping service extends to all of the cable types we supply, from large diameter multicore cables to small coiled cables.

Key services

  • Vast experience catering for many cable applications
  • A full design consultation through to final specification
  • Schematic drawings and data sheets provided to illustrate construction
  • Samples and production pricing provided
  • Creative wire and component wire sourcing to suit small quantity production
  • Short and realistic lead times

As timing is critical when it comes to producing prototypes, we find a broad match for the specifications of cable from stock as quickly as we can in order to conduct initial analysis.

Following this, we endeavour to produce the prototype cable within 7-10 days of the receipt of the enquiry being received, allowing you to get on with your project as quickly as possible.

If the prototype meets your requirements, we can then produce a full run of the cables for a competitive cost. Our cable design experts are on hand to re-design the cable as many times as necessary until the desired result is achieved.

Call CDC on 01204 658 784 or contact us online to discuss your cabling requirements.