Multicore Cable

With over 20 years of experience, CDC is one of the UK’s leading designers and manufacturers of multicore cable.

Multicore cables also commonly known as multi conductor cables can also be used to combine multiple functionalities into a single cable, such as data, power and control enabling faster terminations but also importantly saving time with multiple cable runs as every element is within a single cable.

Key services

  • Any combination of cores or functionality consideredmulticore cable
  • Use of in-house components or quality-assured components bought in especially for a project
  • Twisted pair/triple/quad constructions
  • Individual or collective shields
  • Multicore cables twisted up to 40mm in diameter
  • Multiple multicore constructions available
  • Conductor number printing for identification
  • An extensive range of  cable jacketing materials to suit various operating requirements

Multicore cables are designed to be flexible and robust. Common applications include high density wiring, audio visual cables, and instruments and electronic equipment.

Our Multicore Cables

We tailor the design of every multicore cable we produce to the requirements of the cable’s intended application.

Our cables can be customised with many different components, including extra cores, coaxials, hoses and strain members – all within a single cable.

We don’t just build cables from scratch either – we can take existing cables and twist them into a single cable to combine functionality and improve the practicality and appearance of your cable set-up.

Call CDC on 01204 658 784 or contact us online to discuss your cabling requirements.