Galvanised steel wire braid

A galvanised steel wire braid also commonly known as a GSWB or a galvanised wire braid armoured cable is a lighter duty alternative to a traditional armoured cable where mechanical protection is needed but a flexible armoured cable is required.

Key services

Galvanised Steel wire braid

  • Full consultation on mechanical shielding requirements
  • Wide range of GSWB strand sizes
  • Shielding of cable up to 35mm in diameter
  • 16/24/32/48 bobbin braiders available
  • Optical coverage’s up to 100% available

This alternative to traditional Steel wire armoured cable enables much improved flexibility, a considerably lighter cable from an installation point of view and also the ability to significantly reduce the overall diameter of the finished cable where space is paramount.

Galvanised steel wire braids should only be used for protection against mechanical factors as opposed to EMI cable shielding which protects against interference from external sources.

The diameter of the steel wires combined with the number count determines the amount of mechanical damage that the cable can withstand.

Adding mechanical protection to an existing cable

At CDC Ltd, if you require a flexible armoured cable, you have alternative options available to you. We can either design a cable from the ground up and offer mechanical protection as a part of the cable’s construction, or we can apply it to a pre-existing cable which can also be free issued to us.

We will fully advise on the correct braid coverage and wire diameters required to achieve the correct level of mechanical protection whilst advising on the weight and dimensional implications of adding this protection.

After the protection has been added to the cable, we can then finish the cable by adding the final cable jacket in a wide variety of colours and materials to suit your requirements.

Finally, we offer a cable printing service which also enables you add either your own branding or health and safety references in respect of the individual cable.

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