Cable Enhancements

The requirements of a cable can change over time. This could be due to changes in regulations, or simply a change in company procedures; either way, CDC is perfectly equipped to carry out cosmetic changes and cable conversions at a competitive cost.

Key services

  • Customer specified legend printing i.e Company name, website address etc
  • Metre marking for length indicationCable conversion
  • Conductor or cable numbering for identification
  • Printing size range from 1mm up to 40mm
  • Ink colours: Black, White
  • Printing on free issue cables/conductors
  • Ability to apply further cable shielding to pre-existing cables prior to final cable jacket application
  • Cable jacket colour change
  • Cable extrusion to either increase diameter or change the outer jacket material

Cable conversion

Cable conversion is generally focused on the external cable jacket, and can take many different forms – all of which we carry out at CDC. This includes changing the colour of a cable jacket, either to reflect branding or for operational and safety purposes. We can also add a transparent jacket to a cable.

Changing the colour of a cable jacket is usually performed by oversheathing the existing jacket, or removing and replacing it entirely.

Cable Conversion

In rapidly changing environments, and ever-increasing performance demands, a cable can become obsolete.

With conversions, however, we can make your old cables fit for purpose again. Our conversion services include adding additional cable shielding, cable armouring in the format of either a Galvanised Steel wire braid or Steel wire armour or further cable jackets, as your requirements demand.

Cable printing

Cable printing enables our customers to mark their product with either their own branding, identification numbers or metre marking for length indication. CDC ltd can also offer a variation of these elements or all three if required. We have the capability to print inline during our cable extrusion process saving cost or offline if working on a free issue basis. Our size range is from 1mm up to 40mm in a choice of ink colours: Black or White enabling you to add these elements to your cable.

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