Cable Construction

Custom Designed Cables have been designing cables for all kinds of applications for over 20 years. For all of your cable twisting requirements, get in touch now.

Our capability offers a wide range of conductors and wire configurations with standard and non-standard constructions – whatever is required. There is  a comprehensive choice of conductor insulation materials and we also have a vast network of cable suppliers behind us to source even the most demanding of requirements should it be required.

cable twisting

Key services

  • Any combination of cores or functionality considered
  • Use of in-house manufactured cable components or quality-assured components such as Belden cables
  • Twisted pair/triple/quad constructions
  • Conductor number printing if required
  • Individual or collective shields
  • Cable twisting up to 40mm in diameter
  • Multiple multicore constructions available
  • Cable taping can be applied during lay up process such as Polyester Melinex tapes, Lantor tapes or Aluminium foil shields with drain strands
  • An extensive range of cable jacket materials to suit various operating requirements

We offer three main cable twisting alternatives which are incorporated into the cable manufacture process dependant upon the nature of the requirement and the overall sizes of the individual conductors/cables.

  1. High speed twisting machines for smaller twisted pairs and bunches with a maximum diameter of finished bunch/twisted pair/triple/quad: 7.5mm
  2. High speed quadding machines also used for smaller twisted pairs and bunches (up to 4 cores) with a maximum diameter of finished bunch/twisted pair/triple/quad: 10mm
  3. Large planetary stranding machines for the bigger cables (up to 12 cores) with a maximum conductor/cable OD of 11.50mm which offers a maximum OD of bunch/laid up cable of approximately 40mm.

All of these cable twisting machines offer cable taping capability for the addition of Polyester Melinex tapes, Lantor tapes and also Aluminium foil shields with drain strands during the twisting process which enables cost saving as the processes are combined.

With smaller conductors, we can use a combination of pairs, triples, quads & multicore bunches to achieve higher core no. counts (up to 180 cores) if concentric lays are not specified. The cable design will be put together in such a way that it is circular with the use of appropriate fillers to ensure a high quality finished cable.

We also offer cable twisting only services to customers which can also include the use of free issue materials. You then have the freedom of specifying the lay direction (twist direction) and also the lay length (number of twists per metre) from 10mm upto 500mm. These cables can then also include cable shielding should it be required.

Using industry-leading equipment and only the highest quality materials, our experienced technicians oversee every step of the cable construction process, from the initial design and selection of materials through to final testing.

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