Twisted pairs

At CDC Ltd, we offer a range of services when twisted pairs are required.

Key servicestwisted pairs

  1. Unshielded twisted pairs
  2. Aluminium foil shielded twisted pairs with appropriate drain wire
  3. Braid shielded twisted pairs
  4. You can specify the lay length (number of twists per metre) – From 10mm to 500mm
  5. Specified twist direction – Left hand or Right hand
  6. Reduce EMI & cross talk
  7. Pairs can be manufactured from free issue materials

Unshielded twisted pairs

A twisted pair consists of two conductors twisted together for the purpose of reducing the electromagnetic interference (EMI) from external sources and also crosstalk between neighbouring pairs. Shielding can also be added to the pair to further enhance its resistance to these factors

Shielded twisted pairs

CDC Ltd offer two alternative options when it comes to shielding a twisted pair. The first option is that of a collective Aluminium foil tape screen which is overlapped onto the pair during the twist operation. This is usually supported by the addition of an appropriate drain wire which is used to facilitate easier termination of the screen. This alternative provides a 100% coverage, is easy to terminate, is cost effective and is a lightweight solution.

The second alternative is a braided shield. A braid shield is a woven mesh of single end copper wires. The number of single ends is determined by the size of the twisted pair or cable and the percentage coverage of shielding that is required. Typically, braid shielding coverage’s range from 40% to 98% coverage yet in really noisy environments a higher coverage in the region of 98%+ would be desirable. A further advantage of a braid shield is the increased mechanical strength.

Create your own twisted pairs, triples or quads

We have the capability to create twisted pairs in a variety of colours, with specified lay lengths (number of twists per metre) from 10mm to 500mm and specified twist directions (Left hand and Right hand). We can advise from a technical standpoint with regards to the shielding requirements and can also work with free issue conductors to create the pairs and ship direct back to you.

This capability also lends itself to triples (three conductor cables) and also quads or star quad cables (four conductor cables).

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