Robotics Cables

Robotics cables (Robot Cables, Flexible cables)

Cables that are used within robotics and similar demanding applications are usually subjected to extreme amounts of flexing and bending stresses.

We have successfully designed and manufactured cables for use within these types of applications where combined extreme twisting and bending occur.

The cables’ design is vital to its longevity and ability to withstand continuous-flexing ensuring that we deliver longer life and better performance. These types of cables are ideal for demanding applications on all types of automated machinery. Robotic cables are rigorously tested in all types of conditions to ensure not only optimal performance but they can also handle tight bending radii in dynamic applications.

In extreme cases, failures have brought entire production lines to a halt and resulted in high costs not only for replacement and repair but also the lost production time.

Where a cable is to be subjected to this type of demanding environment, we stick to strict cable design principles developed through years of extensive trialling and experience incorporating specific lay lengths and lay directions both combined with materials suitable to this specific type of application.

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