Power and General Wiring Cables

Power and general wiring cables – low voltage cables (LV), medium voltage cables (MV), high voltage cables (HV)

These cables can be used for power supply and general wiring in a vast range of low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV) and high voltage (HV) applications.

Low voltage cables are primarily used for mains or low voltage power and control circuits. They offer mechanical protection through the use of an armour(link to armoured cable) and are also available in alternative materials such as low smoke zero halogen(link to LSZH).

Medium voltage (MV) cables are used for the distribution of power. MV cables are usually found between high voltage (HV) mains supply and low voltage applications. This type of cable is commonly utilised by utility companies to connect residential and industrial areas and in some cases renewable energy sources to the energy network.

High voltage (HV) cables are suitable for primary power distribution on networks with a maximum voltage of up to 110kV. These cables are available in different materials such as copper (Cu) or aluminium (Al) conductors and in most cases are bespoke to ensure that they meet the application’s specific requirements.

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