Marine Cables

Marine cables (Off-shore cables, SHF1 & SHF2)

Within the marine and off-shore industry, the requirement for cables to link equipment and monitoring services is becoming greater.

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the availability of products which have the relevant approvals and certifications by the DNV.

The construction of these cables is focused on performance in extreme operating conditions were flame retardancy and halogen free emission are paramount.

Mud resistance is also a requirement that is considered within these types of cables.

The following jacket materials are common to Marine cables:

SHF1: Halogen free thermoplastic compound

SHF1+: Halogen free thermoplastic compound

SHF2: Halogen free thermosetting compound

SHF2 mud: Halogen free thermosetting compound mud resistant

These types of cables are suitable for measuring and control equipment.

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