Hybrid Cables

A hybrid or composite cable is simply a cable which varies away from normal industry standards. We should know, we have designed over 3000 of these types of cables to date.

Composite cables are becoming more and more popular due to recent shifts within industry to have single cables offering all of the required connectivity saving not only time with installation, but also significant cost.

A recent shift within the display and video equipment rental industry has resulted in the development of composite cables which combine not only power, signal and data but also include fibre cables. The demand for unique equipment has grown considerably and as a result, these systems require bespoke cable solutions.

These unique system requirements created a problem for the installation contractors where the cables required would need manufacturing to order in small volumes. This posed a problem as the majority of cable manufacturers operate large minimum order quantities and also lengthy delivery times. CDC have successfully designed and manufactured a significant number of these types of ‘one off’ composite cables solving not only the issue of the design, but also the MOQ & Lead time.

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