High Temperature Cables

High temperature cables (High temp cables, PTFE cables, Thermocouple cables)

High temperature cables are specifically designed using only materials which are able to withstand continuous operation within a high temperature environment.

These types of cables have a very broad operating range and are capable of operating within environments with temperatures ranging between -50oc to + 250oc. These cables are suitable in refrigeration and cold storage applications right up to furnace and high temperature applications.

Flexibility is maintained even at very low temperatures where traditional materials such as rubber or PVC would become stiff, brittle and begin to deteriorate. At the other end of the spectrum, these cables will continue to perform at high temperature where the continuous operation of safety equipment such as emergency lighting and alarms systems is vital in the event of a fire.

Silicone is quite commonly employed as a high temperature cable material as it has ideal properties under a fire scenario whilst also emitting only minimal amounts of smoke. It also maintains its flexibility at cold temperatures therefore it is an ideal material for this type of application and is used frequently within Airports, Hospitals and other public buildings to connect lighting, alarms and other important safety services.

PTFE is commonly used in high temperature environments as shares very similar characteristics to that of Silicone, yet it is unaffected and has good resistance to oils, fuels and other fluids. The only downside to materials either insulated or jacketed in PTFE is the availability of long lengths due to the nature of the material and its processing limitations. Through the use of the correct conductor material such as Silver or going even further to Nickel plated conductors, these cables can comfortably operate at up to +260oc .

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