Fire Performance Cable

Fire Performance Cable (Fire and security cable, Flame retardant cable, Emergency Lighting cable)

Fire resistant cables are primarily used for circuits that must maintain integrity during a fire scenario.  Fire performance cables are ideal for installations in fire detection, voice alarm, emergency lighting and smoke alarm systems which rely on circuit integrity in the event of a fire.

Cables alone rarely start a fire, but during a fire, cables that are jacketed in PVC for example produce corrosive and noxious gases which is harmful and during this scenario, smoke is also produced which impairs vision.

However, cables that are jacketed/insulated in Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH or LSOH) compounds when under fire produce very little smoke and zero toxic gases/fumes. LSOH cables tend to be less flexible than most standard PVC or Polyurethane jackets yet the safety factor is critical and in most cases a legal requirement when installing cables into public areas.

Cables that are jacketed in LSOH compound display significantly improved fire survival performance, when compared to conventional cables when meeting the demands of potentially hazardous areas.

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