Control Cable

Control cable (YY Cable, CY Cable, SY Cable)

The cables within the control flex family are suitable for a wide variety of applications providing you select the correct version suitable to the requirement.

There are three main types of cable within this family. There is the YY Cable, the CY cable and the SY cable.

Here are the main differences between these three cable types.

The YY cable is suited to applications were mechanical stress is minimal. This cable can be used indoor in dry and moist applications and it can also be used outdoors when suitably protected.

The CY cable is similar to the YY yet it has the added protection of tinned Copper braid shield to protect it from both electromagnetic interference and also to offer a mechanical protection.

The SY cable is the most resilient version of the family. This cable offers mechanical protection and flexibility in the form of a Galvanised steel wire braid (GSWB).

CDC can also offer variations from the norm within these cables with the addition of extra shields in different form such as Aluminium foils and additional braid screens to create an enhanced cable. We also offer non-standard conductor colours and non-standard jackets colours or materials.

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