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What is a Multicore Cable?

We’ve dedicated a lot of space on the blog over the past few weeks to some of the applications custom cables can be used for. Over the course of these blogs, we’ve mentioned some relatively technical concepts which, while relatively easy to grasp, do take some learning to fully understand.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to take things back to basics and explain the concepts and benefits behind one of the fundamentals of custom cable design – multicore cables.

The Definition of a Multicore Cable

A multicore cable is any cable that has more cores in it than a cable of that type would usually have. That means that a cable with more than one core doesn’t necessarily qualify as multicore; for example, if a cable design usually features 12 cores, then a 12 core cable would be the standard rather than multicore. A 16 core cable, however, would be considered a multicore cable. The cores in a multicore cable are bundled together with a single cable and often carry out different functions; a multicore cable can include power, data transmission and AV elements inside a single cable sheath. Often a multicore cable will split at the end, allowing for each of these elements to be connected to whatever it is they need to be connected to in order to carry out their function. Multicore cables are extremely versatile and can be utilised across a broad range of industries and for many different applications. Because of this, many multicore cables are custom built by cable designers.

However, multicore cables can also be built from existing cables, with the cores twisted to form a single cable even if the cables have different sizes of conductors.

In most instances, a multicore cable will feature heavy cable jacketing in order to protect the cable from damage and negate the effects of electromagnetic interference. However, multicore cable designs can actually neglect this jacket in order to reduce the overall weight of the cable. This choice depends entirely on the kind of application for which the cable will be used.

What Are Multicore Cables Used For?

Multicore cables are extremely versatile and are used for all kind of applications, especially those which would otherwise call for a high volume of cables. Multicore cables are often used in electronic equipment and for applications where space is limited, such as aircraft and medical equipment. Multicore cables are also used extensively in entertainment, with concert venues and theatres often utilising cables combining power, data and AV to avoid a tangled mass of cables running across the stage!

These cables often split off at the end to form a mass of different connectors; this design is often referred to as a ‘snake cable’. In short, multicore cables can be used anywhere that might benefit from combining data, power, coaxial and AV cores into a single cable! For more information on multicore cables and what they could do for your business, get in touch with Custom Designed Cables.