CAN Bus Cable – Industrial ethernet cables

CAN Bus cable, also commonly referred to Industrial Ethernet cables, Profibus cables, Profinet cables are designed primarily for industrial field bus systems and industrial Ethernet connectivity.

Key services:

  • Any combination of cores or functionality considered
  • Use of in-house manufactured cable components or quality-assured components such as Belden cables
  • Conductor printing if required
  • Individual or collective shields
  • Galvanised Steel wire braids to produce flexible armoured cables
  • Steel wire armouring for heavy duty mechanical protection
  • CAN Bus, Profibus Cables and Profinet Cables manufactured to your specification and length requirements
  • An extensive range of cable jacket materials to suit various operating requirements and jacket colours to suit with colour matching also available

profibus cablesprofinet cables

What are industrial Ethernet cables?

Years ago each switch, sensor, contact or device required its own pair of wires to send a signal back to the central control unit. As we progressed with the advances in technology, we were then able to code these signals and send them over a common pair were previously, a dedicated pair was required for this function.

CAN Bus cables provide high speed data transmission and are suitable for use within automation, process control, building control, transportation and alarm system applications.

These cables are also available in a variety of jacket materials to suit the specific application and are also available in a variety of colours.

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