Armoured Cable

Armoured cable also commonly referred to as Steel wire armoured cable, SWA or cable armouring is the addition of solid Steel wires helically twisted around the internal conductors to add mechanical protection generally incorporated in power cables.

Key services

  • Full consultation on armoured cable requirementsarmoured cable
  • Multiple steel wire sizes available from: 0.9mm – 2.1mm
  • No MOQ
  • Armouring over free issue cables – cable conversion
  • Armouring over cables up to  40mm in diameter
  • Max coverages up to 100%
  • 56 Bobbin armouring machine
  • Vast cable oversheathing material portfolio to finish the cable after armouring – multiple grades of: PP, PE, PVC, PUR/TPU, Hytrel/TPE, TPV, LSOH/LSZH, Nylon PA12, PA/11

Steel wire armoured cable (SWA) is a mechanically resilient power cable designed primarily for the supply of mains electricity. It is generally found in mains power underground systems, power networks, auxiliary control and cable ducting.

The typical design of a SWA cable is broken down as follows:

Conductor: Either solid or stranded Copper.

Conductor insulation: Usually cross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE) due to its excellent electrical and water resistant properties.

Bedding layer: Usually Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) providing the internal barrier between the inner and outer layers of the cable. It could also be LSZH as an alternative

SWA: This is the actual steel wire armour providing the mechanical protection to the cable. This armour is also sometimes employed as an earth.

Final jacket – Generally Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) providing the final layer surrounding the armour but in some instances could also be LSZH as an alternative. The jacket is usually black in colour but CDC offer the ability to have either an alternative jacket colour or material applied dependant upon the application.

Conversion of existing cables to armoured cables:

We also offer a cable conversion service where pre-existing cables can be free issued to us and  converted to an armoured cable through the addition of the mechanical protection and finally a further cable jacket in alternative colours and different materials if required.

CDC also offers a cable printing service where a customer specified legend can be printed onto the final sheath either for instruction or branding purposes

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